Improving emergency department resource planning: a multiple case study

2018 POMS International Conference in Rio – Production and Operations Management Society

Autores: Daniel Bouzon Nagem Assad, Thaís Spiegel, Ana Carolina Pereira de Vasconcelos Silva

Resumo: Sizing and allocating health-care professionals are a critical problem in the management of emergency departments (EDs) managed by a public company in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). An efficient ED configuration that is cost and time effective must be developed by this company for hospital managers. In this paper, the problem of health-care professional configurations in EDs is modelled to minimise the total labour cost while satisfying patient queues and waiting times as defined by the actual ED capacity and current clinical protocols. To solve this issue, mixed integer linear programming (MILP) that allocates health-care professionals and specifies the amount of professionals who must be hired is proposed. To consider the uncertainties in this environment and evaluate their impacts, a discrete-event simulation model is developed to reflect patient flow. An optimisation and simulation approach is used to search for efficiency leads for different ED configurations. These configurations change depending on the shift and the day of the week.

Palavras-chave: Health care operation management; emergency departmen; mixed integer linear programming; discrete event simulation.

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