Operations project and management in trauma centers: the case of Brazilian units

Autores: Thaís Spiegel, Daniel Bouzon Nagem Assad

Livro: Handbook of Research on Healthcare Administration and Management. 1ed.: IGI Global, 2017, p. 104-119.

Abstract: Topic of discussions over the last decades, the literature related to the care of patients suffering from poly-trauma, under the assistance point of view, is sufficiently consolidated concerning to the adoption of best practices, what, usually are conducted and disseminated by accrediting organizations. However, expanding the search frontier beyond the assistance dimension, it’s noticed the divergences between the recent researches or theoretical shortcomings regarding to the design and management of these operations. In face of this finding, noticed from a literature review in the most important bases of operations management and health, it’s adopted a conceptual model which covers relevant elements of the project of an operation, such as: strategy, capacity, human resources, incentive systems, organizational structure and decision making; in order to systematize the current stage of the field, highlighting the differences between recent studies and proposing a set of practices and premises, which are necessary for the operationalization of the proposed model.

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