The Processing Chain of Sterilized Material from the Health Units of Rio De Janeiro County: Analysis and Proposition of Scenarios

Autores: Spiegel, T.; Cameira, R. F.

Livro: Supply Chain Management: Applications for Manufacturing and Service Industries. 1ed.New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2016, p. 245-263.

Abstract: The hospital sterilization is responsible for supplying, preparing, distributing and managing the sterile medical devices. Modernization of health services has a two-fold objective, improving quality of care and reducing healthcare costs. Centralizing the sterelization activities, allowing a grouping of means and competencies, leads to benefits in health security and economics in the short and medium-term. In this context, this chapter having as a target the re-project of the health products processing network of the 23 public hospitals of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To build and evaluate scenarios for the Centers of Sterilized Material (CSMs), it was adopted an exploratory methodology based on gravity center approach for location of storage facilities and distribution of materials. The application of method contemplated, as benefits, besides the annual cost reduction and the improvement of the cash flow required by the system, others, very significant. It’s highlighted the expansion of the network processing capacity and the release of areas in several units of the network for other activities, with the scenarios that may be implemented in a fast but gradual way and the improvement of the management and governance, the provided assistance having reflex in the perception of the clients’ satisfaction (health personnel, patients, accompanying).

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